Armory Quarterly Newsletter – Volume 1

SF Armory Quarterly Newsletter – Volume 1
July 1, 2016


Note from Peter Acworth, CEO

The SF Armory has been undergoing construction of sound attenuated vestibules along all 14th street entrances. We expect this project to be completed by June 30. We have also been interviewing potential vendors to provide sound attenuated coverings to all windows in the Drill Court. TEF Design completed architectural drawings to construct more restrooms, a VIP lounge and an equipment “boneyard.” We are interviewing contractors for the construction phase. Our first public event, The International Live Events Association Gala and Annual Fundraiser will be on July 19.


14th Street Entrance Vestibules. TEF Design, working with our sound experts, Salter, designed the entrance vestibules. Yerba Buena construction was selected to do the construction. The middle vestibule will be more “grand” and serve as a showcase entrance to SF Armory. The vestibules have been constructed with sound attenuating materials, including Tectum on all wall surfaces.

Windows. We have been speaking with a variety of vendors regarding practical solutions to add an additional layer of sound attenuating material in front of all windows. Each vendor is working with their internal engineering team to validate their solution. Once we have the proposed solutions back, we will have them reviewed by our Structural Engineer.

Julian Street doors. The doors are having sound proofing gaskets installed around all of the frames. This process should be completed by Mid July

Bathrooms, VIP Room and Storage Area. TEF Design has completed architectural drawings. We are working with a Design consultant to select materials for the project. Contractor bids are expected to be received by Mid July.


The International Live Events Association Gala and Fundraiser will be held on July 19. The San Francisco AIDS Foundation Annual Tribute Celebration will be held on September 17.


Mission Creek was once navigable from the Mission Bay inland to the vicinity of Mission Dolores, where several smaller creeks converged to form it, Mission Creek has long since been largely culverted. Its only remaining portion above-ground is the Mission Creek Channel which drains into China Basin. The only other location where Mission Creek can still be seen is below-ground in the sub-basement of the San Francisco Armory.

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