SF Armory Quarterly Newsletter – Volume 2

SF Armory Quarterly Newsletter – Volume 2

October  to December 2016


Note from Peter Acworth, CEO

The SF Armory will complete the sound insulated vestibule construction by October 14.  Preliminary sound tests have shown to have provided a 40 db improvement from before.  A new sound test with the SF Entertainment department has been scheduled for Sunday, October 16.  Those interested, can have the sound engineer come to your home on Sunday to measure the sound level.  We are still working to get a final solution for sound insulated window coverings.


14th and Julian Street Entrance Vestibules.  TEF Design, working with our sound experts, Salter, designed the entrance vestibules.  Yerba Buena construction has been building them.  The project will be completed by Friday, October 14.

Trussing and Stage – we have purchased trussing and a modular stage.  This will allow the SF Armory to offer a better turnkey solution to event promoters.


Crossroads “Deadly Disco” – Friday October 28

Opel “Phantasm” – Saturday, October 29

New Year Eve event – Saturday, December 31


The Drill Court to the SF Armory is the largest, unsupported enclosed space in San Francisco.


During Public Events, you can raise concerns or make inquiries to the following phone numbers:

    Security:  (415) 815-9184

    Events:  (415) 806-6440

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