SF Armory Quarterly Newsletter – Volume 4

May 25, 2017

Dear Neighbors,

We, at The Armory, have been working hard to improve our venue for your comfort and to support great events.  Here is a little update.

We have put a new roof on The Drill Court that is sound proofed and now also rain proof.

We have installed sound attenuated shutters over all the windows in The Drill Court with an Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 42, which means it reduces the sound transmission markedly.

We have built six (6) sound attenuated lobbies to insulate our doors from sound transmission.  Each lobby has 4 sound proof doors.

Our walls and ceiling have sound proof material on them both tectum and sound blanket.




We have added 19 all gender bathrooms to our existing men’s and ladies rooms.

Our Security Plan has been approved by the Entertainment Commission and SFPD and all our security guards wears distinctive clothing so that they are readily identified.

We have stationed security guards at the corner of Woodward at 14th St and Julian at 14th St after all of our public events to ensure the safety of our patrons and the protection of the neighboring streets from unwanted vehicle and pedestrian traffic or double parking cars.

You might have noticed the lighting that we have installed on 14th St.  It is quite bright and lights up the entire street along the length of our building going from Mission St to Julian Av.  The lights provide extra safety for both our employees, patrons and neighbors.

Our phone numbers for immediate attention during an event are 415-815-9184 goes directly to our security desk and 415-699-8703 goes directly to our Event Manager.  These phones are there so that you can contact us with any questions or requests during events.

Our next steps are to conduct additional sound tests with the City to determine how well all our efforts have paid off. It is likely that these tests will be conducted on Friday June 2nd and Friday June 9th at a time to be determined by the Sound Inspector for the Entertainment Commission.

In addition we will be standing before the Entertainment Commission on June 20th to petition that the conditions on our permit be modified as we have done a tremendous amount of work.

We here at the Armory welcome your questions and comments.  Please feel free to email me directly at audreyjoseph@sfarmory.com.  We also would love it if you checked out our new website at www.sfarmory.com. The website is full of information on upcoming events, historical facts and contains both current news and our newsletter.

VP of Events & Venues
415-856-0797 x153  Desk

Booked Public Events

Pride at The Armory “Jungle” – Saturday June 24